Hi, my name is Eleanore Ditchburn, and I’m an illustrator, artist and designer with loads of experience running a thriving creative business. I create items sold globally and I have been featured in gift guides, lifestyle magazines and exhibited throughout the UK. My number one goal is to create artwork and products that encourages and inspires people to live their most joyful, creative life. I look forward to working together!

ED24001_03 Ace of Pentacles
ED24001_02_My Future Is Bright Eleanore Ditchburn
ED24001_01_Ajar_ Eleanore Ditchburn
ED230019_00 Get Well Soon Teapot
Get Well Soon Floral Teapot
ED23017_00_Mystic Eye
Beetle About_Eleanore Ditchburn_Collection Badge
Beetle About Collection
Midnight Folk Floral Collection
Midnight Folk Floral
Bright book cover in folk art style by Eleanore Ditchburn
Biro Pen inspired journal cover
A cure fun floral Mothers Day design by Eleanore Ditchburn.
Fun, floral Mother’s Day card design by Eleanore Ditchburn.
Eleanore Ditchburn Sepia and Indigo Collection Sheet
Pattern Design in orange and teal featuring pickles by Eleanore Ditchburn.
Folksy Tea Time surface pattern design featuring teapots by Eleanore Ditchburn.
ED21002_00 Aster
Eleanore Ditchburn Umbrella Weather Collection
Doodle Flowers Design by Eleanore Ditchburn
Wall art Tropical Foliage by Eleanore Ditchburn
Telephone tossed pattern design by Eleanore Ditchburn