• Safety and Success – includes worksheets to identify safe, authentic goals

    Feeling Safety in our Choices   Recently, the high school students in the UK received their GCSE (our General Certificate of Secondary Education) results. I was a proud parent sharing a joyful event with my daughter and her friends.  Many students earned really exceptional results and all of the disappointed or bewildered students were hived […]

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  • Studio Journal Checklist Eleanore Ditchburn Artist eleanoreditchburn.com

    My Vital (but often forgotten by creative mentors) Creative Tool – What is a Studio Journal and How do I use it?

    What is a Studio Journal all About? I love the eye candy of the popular and beautiful sketchbook journal as an art-form in its-self, but there is a little-known and incredibly useful counterpart to these, the studio journal. I also adore looking at sketchbooks to see how the artist wrestled with ideas visually to arrive […]

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  • Commit to Creativity eleanoreditchburn.com

    Commit to Creativity and the Power of Ritual

    Commit to Creativity   The world is chock full of like these days.  I don’t think like is a strong enough word to for creative people. To make something materialise from your imagination and find its tangible form we need to love, not like our ideas and then pair this with commitment.  We are working […]

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  • Lights

    Top 10 Items for Artists found in a DIY Store

    Creative people all love a trip to the local art or craft store but did you know that there are loads of great art resources in DIY stores and at a fraction of the price!  Here is my top 10 items for artists found in a DIY store.  Take yourself on a creativity date and […]

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  • Creative Rules for the Road eleanoreditchburn.com

    Basic Artist’s Tools for Sanity

    Basic Artist’s Tools for Sanity We all love having the best equipment and fancy gadgets, but sometimes this can kill creativity and by returning to pared down back to basics tools can be the best thing for our artistic sanity. It means we can travel light and are ready to create at the drop of […]

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  • What Is an Art Work- a quick pinnable guise to the key elements from eleanoreditchburn.com

    What is a Work of Art? Meaning, Form and Content

    What is a Work of Art?   So you have great ideas and you’re all fired up to get to making something creative. What is a work of art? What counts? What things go together to make up a work of art?   We used to draw distinct lines between what painting, print, sculpture is […]

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