• Re do do

    So I worked on some of my redo plan in the last post. I was surprised at the evolution of the picture and still have some challenges to resolve within it . I worked in a more spontaneous way, normally I plan it all on paper or on my mind! This painting was wrestled out […]

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  • Review and Redo

    This week I am reviewing my year and I looked through some (really) old work that was never intended for public airing.  Now I look and spot lots of rookie errors in it but also some interesting and underdeveloped ideas and so I thought it would be good to work through some of these further this […]

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  • Crisp Winter

    Now Autumn is being blown away and we are truly entering into Winter, I thought of posting a painting inspired by one of the coldest (yet still beautiful) holidays I took a couple of years ago in Keilder, Northumberland.  The crisp, startling winter sunshine belies the savage Northumbrian cold in this picture and reminded me […]

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